Sarva Dharma Prayer

Bhavan believes in Sarva Dharma Samabhava – Equal Respect To All Religion.

The Sikh Prayer
एक ॐकार सत्यनाम कर्तापुरुख
निर्भउ निवैंर अकालमुरत
अयूनि सैभं गुरुप्रसादि |


आदिसचु युगादिसचु है भी सचु
नानकहोसी भी सचु |
वाहे गुरुजीका खालसा
वाहे गुरूजी की फतेह |

There is one God,
Eternal Truth is His Name;
Maker of all things,
Fearing nothing and at enmity with nothing,
Timeless is His Image;
Not begotten, being of His own Being:
By the grace of the Guru, made known to men.

The Meditation

As He was in the beginning : the truth,
so throughout the ages,
He ever has been : the truth,
So even now He is truth immanent,
So for ever and ever He shall be
Truth eternal.