Resource Room

A Resource Room is a separate, remedial classroom in a school where students with educational disabilities, such as specific learning disabilities, are given direct, specialized instruction and academic remediation and assistance with homework and related assignments as individuals or in groups.

Resource rooms are classrooms where a special education teacher instructs and assists students identified with a disability. These classrooms are staffed by special education teachers and sometimes paraprofessionals. The number of students in a resource room at a specific time varies, but typically consists of at most five students per instructor. However, due to budget cuts, five students per instructor is no longer feasible. While this is not legal, teachers are forced to make do with inadequate resources and aides. Mainstreaming in education typically includes this service to students with special needs.

These students receive special instruction in an individualized or group setting for a portion of the day. Individual needs are supported in resource rooms as defined by the student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP). The student getting this type of support will receive some time in the resource room, which is referred to as a “removal from the regular education environment” portion of the day and sometime in the regular classroom with modifications and/or accommodations which may include specialized instruction with their non-impaired peers. Special education support within the regular education setting is part of the “inclusion model.”


Our mission is “To ensure that the students and staff are able to use ideas and information effectively and efficiently”.

A Library is a backbone of every educational system that helps the students to come upwith flying colors not only in academics but also in other co curricular activities. Our Library has a rich collection of books, magazines, annual reports, educational items like CDs, Mexus collection, Charts, etc.

We have it all… everything that caters needs of our students and teachers.


  • Books
    • Specimen copies (3123)
    • Story & Reference books (1332)
    • Educational items
      • CDs (89)
      • Mexus (55)
      • Charts (22)
  • Magazines
    • Monthly
      • Manorama Tell Me Why
      • Readers Digest
      • Inspirational Quote
      • Tinkle Digest
      • Tinkle Magazine
      • Children’s Digest
      • Gokulam
      • Wisdom
      • The Children’s Magazine
      • Bhavan’s Dimdima
      • Bhavan’s Journal
    • Bi-Monthly
      • Champak (Hindi)
      • Down to Earth
    • Weekly
      • India Today
      • Sports-Star
      • Magic Pot
  • Newspapers (We subscribe the following news papers):
    • Times of India
    • Navhind Times
    • Tarun Bharat (Marathi)
    • Rajasthan Patrika (Hindi)


  • Book issue service
  • Reference service
  • Inter Library Loan service

We put in our continuous effort in inculcating reading habits among the students to the best of our abilities to make them independent and lifelong learners.

Computer Labs & Classrooms

Computer labs are available for instructional, drop-in, and training use. The computers run software for writing, drawing, graphics, network communications, database management, spreadsheet and data analysis and more. Lab is equipped with 15 computer systems with much high configuration.

The purpose of a computing facility will greatly impact most design aspects including room layout, computer hardware, printing systems, projection/presentation systems, etc. Consider what the primary use of this facility will be:

  • Open computer use – students come and go to use the computers for assignments or projects
  • Instructional computing facility – facility is used for instruction lead by a single person
  • Collaborative work – facility is used by students in a group project setting

Laboratory work – computers are used for data collection or in a laboratory setting

Specific application – The greatest influence on the computer hardware itself is the intended application and operating system. These will drive the need for more powerful computers, larger monitors, specific printing needs, and other technical decisions.


  • Intel® Core™ i3, i5, i7 or AMD Phenom 2 or higher
  • 8 GB Memory or more
  • 250+ GB hard drive
  • Ethernet card and cable
  • WPA2 A/G/N intel wireless card
  • Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate and Microsoft Office
  • External Hard Drive or Online backup Account.

Mathematics Lab

Mathematics Lab is equipped with the following equipment:

Hardwood Geometric Solids Set of 19 Hardwood Geometric Solids – Set of 19: Smooth, hardwood solid shapes range in size from 5 – 8cm. Includes cube, sphere, hemisphere, ellipsoid, wide cylinder, narrow cylinder, cone, parabola cone, ellipsed cone, square pyramid, triangular pyramid, square prism, tall rectangle prism, short rectangle prism, pentagonal prism, hexagonal prism, octagonal prism, obtuse triangular prism, equilateral triangular prism.

1 Inch Wooden Color Cubes – Set of 102 1″ Wooden Color Cubes – Set of 102: Students learn to sort, count, stack, and discriminate by color with these 1″ cubes in six assorted colors.

Geometry 2D Concepts Instruments 2D Shape Two-dimensional shapes are a vital math topic for students. Use fun and exciting hands-on activities addressing shape names and properties that will motivate students. This allow students to be creative in their learning, developing their confidence in math and their enthusiasm for the subject. Stenciles This set of 10 plane geometrical figure comes in thick rubber foam, vibrant in color flexible and washable. These stencils help to draw various geometrical figures on board.

Science Lab

Science Lab is your scientific source for laboratory equipment, specialty chemicals and science educational products. Our wide range of products in chemicals and reagents, pH meters, laboratory scales, refractometers, microscopes, laboratory glassware and many other scientific supplies.

  • PHYSICS / PHYSICAL SCIENCE: Spring Scales, Pulleys, Balances, equipment for teaching Measurement, Density, Specific Gravity, Heat, Liquids and Pressure, Gas Law, Mechanics, Forces, Friction, Thermometers, Light and Optics, Prisms, Lenses, Magnifiers, Sound and Waves, Tuning Forks, Magnetism, Magnets, Compasses, Wimshurst Machine, Van de Graff Generator, Electricity, Electromagnetism.
  • LAB EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Filter Paper, Support Stands, Extension Clamps, Clamp Holders, Burette Clamps / Holder, Bunsen Burners, Magnetic Stirrers, Hot Plates, Heating Mantles, Rubber Stoppers, Cork Wooden Stoppers, Test Tube Racks, Test Tube Brushes, Pi-Pumps, Pipet Fillers, Digital Micro Variable Pipettes.
  • PLASTIC WARE: Beakers, Jugs, Burette Clamps, Wash Bottles, Graduated Cylinders, Dropping Bottles, Funnels Test Tube Racks and more.
  • PORCELAIN WARE:Crucibles, Evaporating Dishes, Crystallizing Dishes, Mortar and Pestle, Spot Plate and more
  • BIOLOGY LIFE SCIENCE: Agar, Compound Stereo Binocular Microscopes, Prepared Microscope Slides, Plain Microscope Slides, Cover Slips, Blood Cell Counters, Hand Tally Counter. Slide Boxes, Dissection Instruments, Dissecting Trays, Sphygmomanometer, Blood Pressure Apparatus, Human Skeleton Model, Human Anatomy Models, Cell Division Models, Animal Cell, Plant Cell, and more.

Activity Room

The concept of an activity room has been successfully implemented in schools around the state as a way to reward good behavior and incorporate physical activity into the school day. Our Activity Rooms include:

Dance room for Indian Classical Dances to focus on rhythm and movement.

Music rooms wherein children learn vocal music and learn to play musical instruments like Tabla and Keyboard.

Yoga room for conducting yoga classes for flexibility and concentration.

Visual arts room for educational and entertaining film shows.

Art & Craft (Origami) Room for learning techniques of Origami.

These rooms have been designed and equipped for the particular activity. The activities are conducted at different levels based on the students interest and acumen. For a particular activity, the teaching goal is to prepare the child for a relevant certificate course. A low student teacher ratio is maintained to ensure effective teaching and learning. Well qualified personnel and instructors conduct the above mentioned activities.

Sports Room

It is An individual or group activity pursued for exercise or pleasure, often involving the testing of physical capabilities and taking the form of a competitive game such as football, tennis, cricket, volleyball etc. The school is equipped with the following sports equipment:

Examples for exercise include swiss balls, weights, chin-up bars, equipment for the gym. Also protective equipment such as weight lifting belts and bench shirts for weight training and powerlifting. Flying discs are used for games such as disc golf and ultimate. Footwear for sports includes:

  • Boards for surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding and snowboarding
  • Skates for sports like roller skating, ice skating
  • Skis for skiing and water skiing
  • Football boots and separate Soccer cleats (Outdoor soccer cleats have studs but indoor soccer shoes have a flat bottom)
  • Cricket spikes
  • Golf shoes
  • Track cleats
  • Prosthetics like the Cheetah Flex-Foot running blade
  • Running shoes

General rules for the Game Room:

  • Respect the equipment
  • No sitting on the pool or air hockey tables
  • Be respectful to others
  • Do not litter
  • Watch your language